Breaking the silence on China's secret Genocide

Survivors of slave labour, brainwashing, torture & attempted organ harvesting combine with an investigative journalist, & eminent experts, to expose the contentious subject of a genocide in China, that increasingly involves the West. Inform others.

"Harrowing, disturbing, brutal..." Anonymous

"Shocking" Andrew Sarah, UK

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Reveal hidden figures about this Trailer...

This trailer is 94 seconds long. If every frame represented the death of 20 people, the figure would be the lowest estimate of how many practitioners of Falun Gong have been killed since the persecution began in 1999 (47,000...higher estimates are hundreds of thousands). If every frame represented 30,000 deaths, the figure would approximate the number of Chinese citizens who have died because of their own government since 1949 (70,500,000).
If you invested US$61.0 for every frame of the trailer, you could buy an organ harvest heart taken from a Falun Gong practitioner in China: 2350 x 61.0 = US$143,350.00...millions await this fate.
Watch...learn...Inform others.....initiate change!
*Figures taken from the Trailer Release Date of 6/10/2011 - the killing hasn't stopped!

"A brilliant exposé about the current genocide and human rights crisis in China, centering around the pacifist religious group the Falun Gong. 10/10

Using personal accounts, eyewitnesses, photographs, interviews, and stories from the people that actually endured the torture, Transmission 6- 10 brings the viewer into the stark reality that is Modern China. The film is painstakingly researched, and covers everything; from the start of the movement and ensuing persecution to the organ harvesting and genocidal nature of Chinese prisons and "justice". This films cuts clear through the propaganda and shows the true intentions and actions of the Chinese government. Ample evidence is provided, from photos and personal accounts, to scholars and even official Chinese documents and press statements."

IMDb Review written by 'jorblume', Ohio USA 1 January 2011

You have been denied the information contained in Transmission 6-10 for over a decade........ Inform Others

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