How do I use Facebook to help spread Transmission 6-10?

Facebook is the perfect tool to support the Project T610. If people are following what you are doing, they will be directed to the project, raising its profile and spreading it further amongst your friends and network. Here are some simple steps to follow.

This Website

At the bottom of the Home page you will see the ‘Send to Facebook’ button. Click it, and the page link can be added to your timeline. You will also see a like button at the bottom of this blog, and every Transmission 6-10 blog, which performs a similar function.

Transmission 6-10 Facebook Page

Click the Facebook logo to be taken to the Page. Click like, and it will appear on your profile and in your ‘likes’ box. After doing this, you can ‘Add to My Page’s Favourites’, and ‘Suggest to friends’. The trailer and the film (currently in 2 halves) can be watched through the Transmission 6-10 page.

You can comment on Transmission 6-10’s posts, ‘like’ and ‘share’ them, as well as post your own comments or relevant articles. Each time you do this, it appears on your profile for others to follow.

Transmission 6-10 Facebook Profile

The Facebook Profile represents the Avatar of T610. Being publicly viewable, it is a timeline with a more personal touch, in that regular updates about the project are made with regards to what is going on behind the scenes, rather than more informational updates which are posted on the Facebook Page and via Twitter.

So how long did that take? A few minutes, but the effect it has is by no means small, as this is how a film can spread quickly online.

If you have a few more minutes, the following can be done…

The outreach for Transmission 6-10 is about interacting with you, inspiring the action of informing others.

The Missing Fragments (which are a part of Phase 2) of the film available on Youtube. can be promoted in the ways outlined on this page and the Inform Others page.

Now that the full-length film is available on the film can be exposed to others by ‘sharing’ it with them via your Facebook wall.

If you are holding a screening of the film, or a relevant event, make contact with T610 and gain support in promoting it. Inspire others, but informing others……you are what can make the difference!