Qantas ordered to reinstate Falun Gong employee

An update on the story of Falun Gong practitioner Sheridan Genrich, who was demoted by Qantas from a long-haul to a short-haul flight attendant, after she was threatened by Chinese authorities during a 2008 stopover in Beijing, and subsequently deported because of her spiritual beliefs.

QANTAS has recently been ordered to reinstate Sheridan. In making his ruling, Fair Work Australia Commissioner Frank Raffaelli said he was unimpressed with the way Qantas had carried out its investigation into Ms Genrich’s case.

“The implication of Qantas’s action is that there is a restriction on the practice of her spiritual beliefs in private, which is contrary to both Australian and international law,” Commissioner Raffaelli said in his judgement, which was obtained by The Epoch Times.

Another window into how political pressure and economic incentive can, in some cases, undermine our democratic values, and yet how they are also upheld in spite of them. Full story.