Window opened into CCP influence in Canada

A recent article by The Vancouver Sun detailed how Canadian Security Intelligence Service Director Richard Fadden spoke last June about negative foreign influence the Chinese regime exerts over politicians and people of authority in Canada, in relation to Falun Gong. The article highlights that Fadden initially received criticism for raising this issue, but journalist Barbara Yaffe actually feels he has done Canada a service, especially in light of evidence provided by the Ottawa-headquartered Falun Dafa Association. The FDA raised examples, such as the former Vancouver mayor Sam Sullivan, who had visited China, trying to invoke a unconstitutional city bylaw in 2005 to shut down the Falun Gong vigil. He failed. Transmission 6-10 used ‘the Iceland incident’ as a strong example of how foreign influence from the CCP is used and played out around the world, but highlighted that in most countries, there is evidence of this happening. Our interviewee, Chen Yonglin, spoke about his role working to influence the Sydney government and spying on groups such as Falun Gong. We ask that why, after 11 years of Genocide, this can continue? We argue that it is not ignorance, considering the magnitude of work that has been carried out to inform governments around the world about the persecution of Falun Gong. Transmission 6-10 eludes to it actually being a case of business, money and the ‘China Magic’.