University screening reported in Japanese Epoch Times

[From UK] Film on Falun Gong Persecution released

Orignal Japanese Epoch Times Article

“[4th December] On 26th November, a screening of a film on the persecution of Falun Gong was held at a University in Surrey, UK. The film followed the detailed story of the persecution using a series of interviews from survivors and experts.

The film is titled “Transmission 6-10”, and originated from a simple question from two English filmmakers: “Why is the persecution happening?” This great 2 hour film was constructed using over 20 interviewees, and has been in production since 2006.

Journalists, victims, lawyers, researchers, as well as expatriates in hiding, all speak of their real experiences about the process of the persecution since 1999. The 6-10 Office is also discussed, which was an extra-legal task force set up on the 10th June 1999, specifically for persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. The story also detailed the mass propaganda campaign by the Chinese Communist Party, using a suicidal attempt by people posing as practitioners, as well as the recent evidence of organ harvesting from live practitioners.

The film is featured within broken disturbing noises of a pirate transmission, giving you the impression that the forbidden film was smuggled out from China. Narration is carried through information screens, as if they are being secretly faxed from abroad.

The screening took place thanks to an invitation from the Universities Cinema Appreciation Society. The event is part of the films final release, after working through several versions ranging from 45 minutes to 3 hours. This was the first organised screening of the finalized version.

After the screening, there was a question and answer session held with one of the Directors Andrew Moody. From the responses, it seemed the level of media control and suppression towards the spiritual movement is beyond the students comprehension, and questions ranged from motivation for producing the film, the production process, as well as the relationships between China and other governments.

After the event, a comment was made that “the photographs of persecution are what stuck in my mind. I was glad to learn what is actually happening.”

Some viewers from other universities were enthusiastically saying, “I would like to make a screening happen in my Uni!”

The film is a non-profit project, and is being distributed freely over the internet via it’s website, You Tube, download, i-Phone, and DVD. If you go to the ‘Watch the Film’ tab at the link below, you are able to find out how to watch the film.”