Financial Times – terrible reporting

A comment on the following report: Rmb: Falun Gong’s new voice

This article is one of the best examples one could find about Falun Gong. It has everything to be expected:

  • Significant date un-recognised – released 12 years to the day from when Falun Gong was officially banned in China and the Genocide began. The worst case of human rights abuses since the Holocaust (and taking place in arguably the world’s most powerful nation).
  • Factual inaccuracy – there are absolutely no “breathing exercises” (unless, of course, the mere act of breathing is considered exercise) in Falun Gong, which sets it apart from other forms of Qi Gong. As other commenters have noted, previous articles are equally fictitious.
  • Outdated information – the initiative of writing on currency was abandoned years ago when it was pointed out to practitioners of Falun Gong that defacing money was a criminal act. Making it the focal point of a story in the present, to the extent of using the phrase “…lately it has turned to…” is also entirely inaccurate. It is equally possible that a few practitioners do still do this, but since there is no organisational structure, it is imprecise to describe any actions as being collective. T610 does not have a definitive understanding of this particular method of counter-propaganda (let us not forget that this is exactly what it is), so looks forward to being provided evidence beyond the simple statement that Beyondbrics has discovered its re-emergence.
  • Derogatory remarks – that the Chinese woman on the end of the phone was sleepy is completely irrelevant. Unless, the report continues to commend her for volunteering to be available 24hrs a day to help circumvent the deaths of innocent people.
  • Ignorance – the postulation that utilising 1rmb notes will not reach the rich and powerful as suggestive that the initiative was not well thought through (writing on 1rmb coins would be considerably more difficult), ignores the fact that the downfall of almost every oppressive regime has been by the hands of the meek, and not the overtly mighty. There are more poor people in China than rich. If your objective is to inform the masses, then employing the means to which are available to them makes perfect sense.
  • No context – considering few people in the West know anything about Falun Gong (apart from the plethora poor reporting) or the persecution, the average reader will learn only what is stated within the article. The linked article (significantly released on the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the 610 Office) contains all of the above negligence – save for a brief mention of the abuses (ignoring the organ harvesting). Would the entire article not make greater sense if the reader were to be informed that the practitioners of Falun Gong are struggling for their lives in the world’s most brutal and unopposed dictatorship (100million dead Chinese over the past 6 decades can testify to that)?

T610 has amassed dozens of equally poor reporting (newspaper articles, radio shows, TV programs) from around the world since 1999. Over the course of the next 12 months, these articles will be deconstructed and exposed so that the World Wide Web can contain some real information about the persecution in China.

Is the journalist to be blamed? Considering the pool of information available for research is about as dry as a Gobi desert watering hole, the answer is perhaps “no”. Now consider that, being based in Beijing, research would have been conducted from within an internet bubble of tightly controlled blockades, and the word-on-the-street would be tainted by unabated state propaganda, the answer becomes even more obviously “no”. However, the linked article contains dialogue from an interview with Falun Gong’s unofficial spokesman. A better source could not be found! It really does not take a monumental amount of effort to properly research even the most complex of stories before putting pen to paper. Considering the journalist has been the “Beijing bureau chief for the FT and has been a correspondent covering China since 2003”, the piece can easily be described as Western propaganda. Prove that statement to be wrong. On a subject matter as grave – do please pardon the pun – as Genocide, T610 would rather have its knowledge base categorically proven incorrect, than correct.

It has become clear over the past complete Chinese zodiac cycle, that there is a media cartel in operation (just look at the Murdoch empire and its dealings within Asia and the West), to stifle genuine disclosure of the situation in China. The directive is dictated by political initiatives, which in turn, are dictated by economics. Fitting that this article was published by the Financial Times. Shame that morality is not the primary starting point.

If you want to know the truth about what has been happening in China, the freely available film Transmission 6-10 is a good place to start (Zek Halu – above – being present in the documentary) for the tip-of-the-iceberg. This is the biggest story of the 21st century. One would expect it to be treated as such by those who forge a career in the industry of informing a global population.

Overall the piece is entirely pointless. Sometimes it is better to say nothing, than to state the wrong thing.