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“Harrowing, disturbing, brutal, shocking, disgusting.” Anonymous

“I’ve just been watching the 6-10 documentary – I found it hard to stop watching to get on with work today… it’s really shocking – even when I kind of know that kind of thing goes on around the world, it’s very hard-hitting & shocking to watch – especially against such a peaceful practice. The film is really well made – I’d love to talk to you more about it sometime.” Anonymous

“Shows how financial greed and power makes influential people turn a blind eye to justice and protection of human rights even in the UK. There’s a quote I heard when I was little that I can’t fully remember, but it was roughly along the lines of: the man holding the coat of the person beating a man to death is just as guilty of murder as the man doing the beating. Think its pretty apt in regards to global powers turning a blind eye and allowing the atrocity to continue.  Pretty sickening. A waiting time of 1-2 weeks for an organ transplant is horrific when you learn why the waiting time is so short. They have turned people into pigs for slaughter. Its one step away from cultivating humans simply for organ harvesting.” Anonymous

Shocking to find out about the torture of Falun Gong members that has been going on in China for years, and yet in the Western world so many people would have absolutely no idea about it. If the UK government treated it’s people like this there would be an international outcry. This film will help raise awareness of the issues and hopefully contribute to ending this awful persecution.” Joanna Chesworth, Conservation Officer, Hampshire UK

Thanks for raising awareness about this issue I previously had no idea about. This documentary was very well made, and I will ensure to pass this onto my friends. Awareness is the key to stopping this terrible genocide. Keep up the great work!sallyhetherington, via YouTube mail


Exposed a lot. Thought provoking, moving, informative, brilliant!! Everyone should see it!” Fiona, Yoga Instructor, London

“”…moving and shocking. Seems strange that its not being covered better by the mainstream media.” A concerned Danish citizen

Powerful, moving, gripping, fascinating. Essential viewing for anyone with even a basic interest in China or human rights – 10/10. View the film : inform others.James Poulter, practitioner

China still wears the two faced mask to the rest of society…this DVD is eye opening & frankly very thought provoking!!!.. I will be recomending it to friends to get it. I hope this DVD. enlightens people to the struggle & danger that the FALUN GONG PRACTITIONERS endure everyday!! SO MUCH FOR HUMAN RIGHTS CHINA!!!!!” C.F

“For being very aware of current affairs, I was surprised to find how little knowledge I had regarding the shocking persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. It is appalling to realise what little international attention has been paid to such a massive human rights abuse.” Molly, San Francisco

Quite overwhelming…crazy the sort of world we live in. I sometimes wonder in which direction is society heading!!” Robert D, Carlisle, UK


“Watching this documentation of the tragic plight of the Falun Gong practitioners rendered me aghast at the realization that these people, in their efforts to live a life of peace, reaping benefits of serenity and forbearance, are instead experiencing torture and persecution – the exact opposite of the existence they so deeply desire- at the hands of a governing body that is obviously powered by fear and anger. Why the rest of the world is not responding to this horrific social injustice administered by the same nation that so recently hosted the Olympic Games, an event meant to foster unity and camaraderie among foreign nations, is a mystery, but a mystery that I now desperately want to solve.” P Howie, USA, Wardrobe assistant – Berkeley Repertory Theatre

Nothing changes in China. The level of violence and inhumanity they use indicates how worried they are! Typical money mad West kiss arseing the leaders.” Dave, Motorbike Courier, UK

Maybe we all need to be aware that there are still people who are willing to let the world know what these governments are capable of doing. You pray for those still held and missing. Gives you a lot to think about. Takes you well out of your comfort zone!!” Mrs Eden, Artist

“Shocking” Andrew Sarah, UK

Enlightening” Anon

This documentary opened my eyes to reality…Thank you for the dedication and effort in producing this and enlightening us as to what is happening in our own backyard...” Eleanor Sackett, Hong Kong

It moved me to tears.” Penelope Elias via the KGV Alumni Association


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